Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Steps Forward...Two Steps Back

I've come to the conclusion that Josh is too smart for his own good.  You may think I'm nuts--"How is it that Josh is so smart if he chooses to poop his pants?"  Well, he CHOOSES.  He does it when it's convenient for him.  For example, we were having a really good stretch.  Come night time, it's time for a pull up (I'm not so sure about putting him in underwear overnight yet even though 95% of the time, he wakes up dry).  Well, he KNOWS he's in a pull up, so he'll POOP in his pull up!  Then, today....we get home from preschool and he's being his loud, boisterous self.  I told him to be quiet because Daniel was sleeping.  He got all upset, threw a tantrum and  ran in the basement to scream and cry.  I went down there to talk to him and he had pooped in his underwear.  :-/  He made up for that now because he has diarrhea and has pooped in the potty about 4 times in the last 30 minutes.  :-(

Just so it's known...he requested to have his picture taken on the potty...

Anyway...I've been busy canning.  Last night, Tim helped me can hot, cinnamon apples.  They are YUUUUUUMMMMMY!!!!!  I've got pears I'm tempted to can, but I think we might just eat them normally.  I've got so much canned goods that I think I need to take a break from my canning and have my family eat all of our goodies!  Canning is so fun, though!  It's like an art.  I really like taking the bubbles out of the goods.  Once you've put the food in and poured the liquid over, you have to take a small spatula and go around the container to let any loose bubbles out.  It sounds like it would be tedious, but it's my favorite part.  :-)
I don't have any pics to post of Tim because it's mostly just me, Joshy, and Daniel!  I'll need to get more of Tim to add.  :-)

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