Friday, September 9, 2011

I've toyed with the idea of creating a blog about the trials, tribulations, and JOY of being a stay-at-home mom...and I finally bit the bullet and DID IT!  I hope those that choose to read will find some humor in parenting. :-)

What better title than, "It's POOP Again" (coming from one of my favorite movies of all time.)  If I had a quarter...even a nickle for every time I've uttered those words........

The stay-at-home life: we finally got into a routine when the end of August hit and it was time to get Timmy running off to first grade.  Once we got the hang of that, it was time for Josh to start pre-school.  I'm hoping we're able to settle in to a nice routine now that Tim and Josh are settled in school. 

Quick introduction to my three sons:

Here's a pic of Tim reading...

Here's a rare pic of Josh.  He was so worn out after running arround and vaccuming, that he passed out right on the floor.

 And here's Daniel

That's enough for today....tomorrow, on to some humor!

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  1. Okay, so, I must know, have I never seen this movie you refer to? Or have I blocked out an obviously quotable line in favor of other useless knowledge?
    Either way, this must be remedied, please let me know what movie "it's poop again" comes from!!!