Monday, June 30, 2014

Potty training is Berry fun (NOT!) we "baby" is now 3 and it's time to get down and dirty with the potty training.  With Timmy, it was so easy.  We had him potty trained by his 3rd birthday--even with Josh being an infant.

Josh was more difficult.  My plan was to have him potty trained by 3 as well, but that wasn't what Josh had planned.  Danny arrived when Josh was 37 months old and Josh was NOT ready to use the potty.  This is about the time that I started this blog.  I was worried sick that he was going to be kicked out of preschool, but he wasn't and we managed to have him fully potty trained by the time he was about 3 1/2 years old.

So, Danny.....
We have a WONDERFUL child care provider.  She grew up with several brothers and has two grown daughters of her own.  She is loving and hardworking and she has started helping Danny use the bathroom.  Danny was doing really great at Miss Paula's and we've continued to work on it at home.

One day, Dan was taking a bath and I went to go fold clothes.  I heard him pushing in the bathroom and immediately thought he was pooping in the tub.  When I went in there, I saw him on the toilet going to the bathroom.  I couldn't believe it!!!!

This past weekend, Danny was in his pull up and he was starting to poop.  I grabbed him and said, "Let's poop on the potty!"  He said, "yes--poop on potty!"  This was very unusual because both Tim and Josh would have screamed "NO!"

So--we went to the bathroom and he proceeded to poop on the potty and he looked at me with anticipation.  I cheered and clapped and started singing "Yay!  Poopy Dance!  Yay!  Poopy Dance!"  While I did a silly little dance.  He was highly amused and proceeded to squeeze out yet another turd, so again....I had to do my silly poopy dance.  Well, he continued to squeeze out turds--I swear he was so amused by my poopy dance and song that he was savoring every moment--really making the poop last as long as possible so he could get his mom to look super silly as much as possible.

When that ended (about 30 minutes later)....we had an exhausted "poopy-danced-out" mommy and a very proud, happy little boy....who proceeded to run around the house asking me to pinch his butt.  :-)