Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Break Adventures

Our 2011-2012 Winter Break was very fun-filled.  Knowing that keeping the boys at home would be a major headache (cabin fever=picking at each other and fighting), I decided to keep them busy, so we had a big activity planned for every day.

We tried Pump it Up for the first time (basically a park for kids made out of moon bounces and other big inflatable things), went to Chuck e Cheese (so I could write Christmas thank you notes), and even painted pottery at The Painted Cone in Urbana and enjoyed a yummy ice cream treat.

Josh enjoying a car ride at pump it up
Tim playing some air hockey at Pump it Up
Joshy's self-portrait at Chuck E Cheese


Josh's Train
Dan's footprint

The Painted Cone is a really neat place in Urbana--only about 8 miles from our house.  Timmy chose a snowman cookie jar to paint, Josh chose a piggy bank choo choo train, and I did a plate with Daniel's footprint. It was fun, but Josh lost interest after about 7 minutes.  Timmy took some time on his snowman (he's the artistic one), and I did my best while holding a fussy 7 month old!     
Tim's Snowman
                                                                                                                                                                   Our winter break is always crazy because we have Christmas, Grandmom's Birthday, and Scot's Birthday.  This year, Scot and I wanted to enjoy some time in Charles Town, but we couldn't find a sitter, so I sent him alone.  I decided to bathe all three boys together to save me Danny joined the big leagues (but just for one night).

Shortly after this picture was taken, Danny erupted in uncontrollable crying.  We hurried the bath up and got him out PRONTO!

Now that Josh is finally potty trained, we still have some issues here and there.  For example, the other day, he decided he did NOT have to pee (although we knew he did).  Five minutes later, he came down the stairs with a different pair of pants on.  He had peed his pants, gone upstairs, and changed his clothes so he wouldn't get in trouble!!!!  He may be smart, but he wasn't smart enough to get rid of the evidence!!!!

Skid marks.  Yes.  I said it.  Instead of yelling for us to wipe him, Josh decides to SLIDE off the toilet. any moment, I can walk in the bathroom and see a skid mark of where Josh's hiney slid off the potty because he hadn't wiped yet.  Another thing:  he chooses to throw his poopy toilet paper in the trash can, or on the floor.  Why oh why can't he put it in the toilet and flush?!  (We've told him to MANY a time!).

Last....what is it about BOYS and their refusal to flush?!  I swear--it's as if they feel their poop is a prize--something to be proud of--like a trophy.  Instead of flushing, they choose to leave it there--to stare the next unsuspecting guest right in the face.  The major embarassment with this is if I am unable to catch it when a guest comes over.  When that happens, there is usually a lot of laughter.....and it ends with me apologizing profusley. 

Oh the joy of children--I couldn't make these stories up if I wanted to!
Here are the finished pottery projects--all glazed and beautiful!
The boys enjoying an ice cream treat!

Finally, I have to end with a touching story (I'll try to keep it brief).  Daniel was named in honor of my Dad's cousin, Danny Leapley.  He was very close to my dad and he was really more of an uncle to me. Anyway, his wife (Mari) gave us Danny's stocking.  This stocking was actually cross stitched by his mother (my Great Aunt Bobbie--my Granddad's sister).  It's a beautiful stocking and it's really meaningful because it was Danny's and it was handmade by my Great Aunt Bobbie.  Mari said she wanted to keep it in the family and knew that Daniel could get some use out of it.  We took a picture of Daniel with Uncle Dan's stocking.  It is the most precious gift we have ever received!!!!  So special!                                                                                                                                      

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Me???

I decided to bring some new things into this new year--including starting a housekeeping binder and tackling the Pinterest 2012 declutter challenge.  So far, so good.

We rearranged the kitchen and I decluttered the cabinets.  Today's task is cleaning out the spices and throwing out any expired ones.  :-)

Decluttered Kitchen Cabinets!
We rearranged the Kitchen--it's very cozy now!

Timmy FINALLY lost his first tooth (I never thought it would happen!).  January 3rd, Tim lost one of his bottom teeth at dinner.  Later that night, the other one came out....TWO in one day!  The tooth fairy visited and gave him FIVE dollars.  I'm thinking it was a bonus for losing his first tooth and an extra bit for losing two in one day.  It saves her a trip that way, right?!  ;-)

Timmy after losing his first tooth.
Timmy after losing his second tooth!

This is a new year, so I decided to tackle some new projects.  I made chalkboard mats for the first time--two for the boys and I'll give one away as a gift.  I also made my own pattern and made a satchel for my iPad.

Chalkboard Mat--drawing courtesy of Tim
iPad Satchel :-)

I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!  I keep counting my blessings for my wonderful husband, amazing kids, fabulous parents, and of course my best friend, my sissy (Pam).

Josh and his Christmas Tree
Tim and his Christmas Tree

Brotherly Love <3
Daddy and Danny  :-)

Love to all!!!!!