Monday, June 25, 2012

To Sleep...or Not to Sleep...

Let me get this out of the way:  I HATE, HATE, HATE when new moms complain about the lack of sleep and the "fog" they've been living in.  I want to strangle them and say, "THAT'S WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR!  SHUT UP!!!"  Hearing their complaints REALLY makes my blood boil...especially now that I've spent the last 13 months of my life with little to no sleep.  Four hours of uninterrupted sleep would be SHUT UP, new moms!

I'm jealous, angry, name it, that's me.  I rarely complain (or I try not to) because it's what I signed up for.  I'm the one that wanted to have three children.  My third child wakes anywhere froom 2-8 times at night.  This is what being a parent is, right?  I have to grin and bear it...and I do, for the most part.  I recently started letting the world know of Daniel's sleep problems when my friends with newborns would either complain about the lack of sleep or rejoice for their new baby only waking up once.  ONCE?!  Your baby is 8 weeks old and only woke up ONCE?!  Okay...I admit I am completely and utterly jealous.  SO...seeing this on facebook would put me into a rage and I would HAVE to comment to let them know how LUCKY they were that they got 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep since Danny was up at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, and up for good at 5:30.

I'm not sure what Danny's issue is.  I've ready every book under the sun.  I've taken advice from other moms.  I've tried EVERYTHING.  The only thing I can think of is he is having night terrors and there is really little to nothing I can do to help.  This is an issue I had as a child and my mother often reminds me that she did not sleep through the night until I was 8 years old.  All I have to say is, "thank you, mom....thank you for loving me even through the sleepless nights."  I do know that this will pass and one day, when he's a teenager, I'll miss our snuggle sessions on the glider.

So...for those of you without children, or with children that sleep, ENJOY it.  Sleep some for me.  Those of you with newborns....SHUSH.  You have NO clue.  Just be happy your child wakes up every 2 hours.  :-P
Sleep--it's what I want

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Fun--Berry Style

Wow--we have been BUSY!!! Since March (my last post), we celebrated Easter with the Berry family and the Bartlett family.  It was nice to have everyone together and we were able to celebrate Josh's 4th birthday along with my Grandma's birthday.  They share their special day on April 15th.

The Berry Boys on Easter Sunday
Josh then had his first "big" birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with all of his friends--many from preschool and some older friends.  He was beside himself!!!!
Josh at his 4th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese

Josh finished his 3 year old preschool and Timmy finished up first grade.

Me and Josh
Timmy's last day of first grade

I've been busy crocheting.  I have crocheted two afghans and am currently working on Christmas gifts.

My first crochet project

Timmy and Danny celebrated their 7th and 1st birthdays.  We celebrated in Culpeper and Danny loved his first taste of cake. 

Danny enjoying his first piece of cake
Timmy enjoying his birthday cake after his awesome bday dinner made by Nana--including all of his favorites: shrimp, corn, and much more!

Scot took the older boys fishing and I know it will be something Timmy and Josh never forget.  His brother, Jay has a boat and Jay brought James (my nephew, their cousin) along.  It was a great day for some Berry Boy bonding!!!

Both Josh and Timmy took turns driving the boat.

As always, Timmy and Danny's birthday means Memorial Day Weekend, which means TIME FOR THE POOL TO OPEN!  All three boys have enjoyed many days at the pool and it's only mid-June!!!!

Daddy, Josh, and Danny

Other than that, I think I've finally gotten the hang of this stay-at-home mom thing.  Now, if I could just loose these 15 pounds.....

I feel sorry for my kids.  Really...with me being this goofy, do they stand a chance?  I'm embarrassed for them!

 I've been wanting to take the kids to the Tire Park in Thurmont for YEARS--literally since Timmy was 4.  We finally made it over there on Thursday with Nana.  It was a fun day for all--Tim and Josh didn't want to leave!

 I'm looking forward to more fun in the sun.  We've got several things on our "to do list" this summer!  :-)