Thursday, December 29, 2011

November and December--WHEW!

What a whirlwind these past two months have been....I can't believe we're already at the end of December!!!  I feel as though I've been in over my head, so I'm toying with the idea of a household management binder.  Here are some great sites (thanks to some fellow mamas) that tell you how to put one together (and they have FREE downloads as well!)

If I get my printer working and actually put together this household management binder, I'll keep you updated (I bet you'll be holding your breath in anticipation over the EXCITEMENT this entails!!!).

AHHH....what fun and exciting times come with November and December.  This November, we hosted Thanksgiving.  It was the first time I've ever prepared a meal so big and I *think* it was a success.

Soon after Thanksgiving, we went to the Pepermint Christmas Tree Farm in Culpeper, VA for our PERFECT Christmas Tree.  Here's a little snippet of our adventure:

First, you load up one handsome hubby with two beautiful boys.
Make sure your Four Wheeler is decorated!
Take advantage of the Photo Op!

Find the perfect tree and get hubby to cut it down!
Thumbs up from the kiddos!

Load it onto the Four Wheeler and bring it home!

For those of you who don't know, my Grandparents (Grandma and Granddad Bartlett) own Pepermint Christmas Tree Farm.  Our family has been a major part of the Christmas tree business--getting together July 4th weekend to celebrate my dad and Uncle Brian's birthday by pruning Christmas trees.  :-)  My dad and Uncle Brian were born on the same day (July 3rd), but two years apart.  My grandmother has three boys (two born on the same day) just like me.  When Danny decided to come on Timmy's birthday, my grandmother said, "Tell Jenny to stop copying me!"  :-)

Friday, November 11, 2011

October:  Halloween and Such

I was so excited about Betty that I failed to mention any of the awesome things that took place in October.  First, my birthday was the 28th and it was quite an amazing day.  I had been chosen to complete a survey at Bloom for a $100 gift card.  All I had to do was answer some questions about babyfood.  I was excited because $100 at Bloom is like free groceries for a week.  Anyway, I got a call about an hour before my survey and they had to cancel on me because of the snow coming in, but they were still going to give me the gift card.  SCORE!!!!!  Later that week, I got a package from Fex Ex and there was no gift card, but $100 CASH!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

Second, my Mother-in-Law got me beautiful flowers and my Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law got me an adorable Edible Creations.  YUM!

Then, I got an email from a 31 Gifts consultant saying, "The first person that emails me back and tells me what they're thankful for will get a FREE Holiday Large Utility Tote."  I thought, "What the heck?" and I emailed her and I was the one that WON the FREE tote!  WHOOO HOOO!!!!

The boys had a great Hallowween--Tim was Rayuga (a Beyblede guy--a HUGE thing for boys age 5-15).  Josh was Buzz Lightyear and Daniel was the traditional pumpkin.  By traditional, I mean this has been a family tradition since 1984.  He wore the pumpkin costume my mom made for Pam.  Other neighborhood kids had worn it as well and Timmy and Josh were both pumpkins for their first Halloween.  :-)


I couldn't think of a better title to describe the way things have been in the Berry Household.  It's been busy, the boys have been sick, so it's been "UGH."

We went to Culpeper this past weekend (a week ago today) where Timmy decided to get sick.  He had been coughing all week, but the coughing escalated to the point where he vomited.  Josh proceeded to catch the yucky cold and we got home on Sunday.  Daniel proceeded to catch it as well.  So, this week has been filled with the doctor, caring for sick boys, and basically trying to keep my head above water.

At one point, Tim and Josh enjoyed a play session outside.  I caught Josh trying to pee in his club house and promptly told him he couldn't do that, but he was more than welcome to pee on the grass.  He proceeded to pee on the grass.  A few minutes later, Timmy comes running in exclaiming, "JOSH POOPED OUTSIDE!"  Sure enough, Josh had popped a squat and pooped right next to our shed.  OY VEY.

Here's a picture of Josh courtesy of Josh.  Sorry for the yucky runny nose...but what can I do?  It's going around our house!

My mom found this beautiful sewing machine for $35 and picked it up for me since I had recently started showing interest in learning how to sew.  Mom taught me the basics as a child, but I didn't appreciate it, nor did I care at the time.  I've changed my way and have enjoyed getting to know my new machine.  Her name is Betty and I love her.  :-)  I oiled her yesterday and so far, she's been quite good to me. I love thee...
My first project:  a pin cushion.  FAIL: turning corners.  Oh well, you live and you learn right?

My second project:  A pillowcase.  FAIL: I measured wrong, so it doesn't fit the pillow.  It's okay because I'm going to use stuffing, so it's still usable and sewn well.  :-)

Third Project:  A TOTE Bag!  I'm sooooo excited about this Tote!  I took my time and it's actually not bad!!!  :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a SIP!

This evening, I was getting ready for a pampering session (Mary Kay Style) and Josh interrupted my bath.  He threw a washcloth in the tub and says, "This is my sip!" 
 I asked, "That's your SIP?" 
Josh responded, "NO....MY SIIIIIP" 
"Your SIT?"
"Your dip?"
"Your SIP?"
"NO, MOMMY.......MY BOAT!" SIP is really SHIP!

Here's a little montage of Josh.  :-)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, Kids....

Timmy is such a neat kid.  Ever since he was 2, he's been very interested in cooking and baking.  I will never forget the Christmas where he and I went to Nana and Pee Paw's to make Christmas Cookies.  Timmy was so excited to throw the flour and he was CRAZY with a cookie cutter.  Nana (my mom) just laughed and laughed.  He's the child she never had as Pam and I could have cared less about MAKING the food...we just wanted to EAT it ( least I did....which is probably why I was the hefty kid and Pammy was the bean pole).

A couple of weeks ago, Nana and Pee Paw ventured to Frederick from Culpeper.  I love every moment I get to spend with them--I don't get to see them enough!  The boys love seeing their grandparents as well.  Nana and I stopped in at Joanne Fabrics (her FAVORITE store) and I happened to pick up a Haunted Gingerbread House.  Well, as soon as we got home, the boys (and Nana!) wanted to delve right in.  Here's what the final project looked like.
Nana is MUCH more artistic than I am--she did the roof and I tried my best at the windows and doors.  The boys meticulously placed each and every candy piece.  :-)
 To end on a Timmy note...

This weekend, we spent some time with the Berry family.  We got to see cousins Julia, James, and Brendan along with Aunts, Uncles, Grandmom, and even Great Aunt Jackie.  I had the pleasure of sitting at the kid table when we all went out to eat (Aunt Jackie's treat--THANK YOU, AUNT JACKIE!).  Timmy was having a nice conversation with James and Julia.  He asked them what their favorite numbers were.  Julia replied "3."  I can't remember James' favorite number.  But, in overhearing this, I asked Timmy, "What's your favorite number, Tim?"  He replied, "Forty Seven Thousand."  LOL!!!!!

Besides being a comedian without realizing it, Tim is a GREAT older brother!  <3

Monday, October 10, 2011

Coupons, BITCH! I'm sure you already know, I can be fact, I'm probably crass 99.9% of the time.  I'd like to think I'm a good mix between June Cleaver and Roseanne...but I don't know how accurate that is.

I've always been an all or nothing kinda this whole, "let's stay home and be a homemaker" thing has turned into me going full throttle for the stay-at-home-mom life.  Not only do I clean house and chauffer the boys to the places they need to go--I can various fruits and vegetables, make lots of yummy home-cooked meals, and now...I COUPON.
Here's a picture of my couponing binder  Don't leave home without it!

I started couponing about three weeks ago.  Since then, I've saved about $200.  Yes--$200!!!!  My grocery bills NEVER used to be under $100.  Now, they're about $70 each visit and my fridge and pantry have never been more full.  Can you believe it?

I am proud to say that my trip to CVS should have cost $120...but it only cost me $60!  I was so excited that I texted one of my friends and said, "I just saved 50% at CVS...COUPONS, BITCH!"  He replied that I would be the only one to use the phrase "COUPONS, BITCH" (hence the title of this post).
My savings today: $30.08!
I must end with saying that it has been hard to get back to "normal."  I don't think things will ever go back to being "normal" since Pop Pop so quickly left our lives.  I'm trying to take things day-by-day, but I'm not sleeping well and I constantly worrying about my mother-in-law, husband, children, and brothers-in-law.  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us, sent letters, notes, etc.  It really helps to know that we have a support group there for us.  :-)  Love to all of you!!!!

These three boys are so fun and adorable--I'm certainly trying to make things as "normal" as possilble for them.  We've been enjoying our daily adventures of grocery shopping, cooking, and picking up Timmy from school.  Josh is always our comic relief.  The other day, after his bath, he stuck his hiney up in the air and said, "Tickle my tail!"  :-)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Tribute...

The Berry family is going through a very difficult time right now.  Last week, (9/26), we lost our beloved Pop Pop.  Scot's dad passed away from a massive heart attack.

This was very unexpected and very tragic.  Pop Pop was a wonderful man, husband, father, and grandfather.  His life was cut short and we will miss him.

Timmy is having a very difficult time dealing with Pop Pop's death.  He didn't want to attend the funeral because he was just too sad.  Luckily, my parents picked Tim and Josh up and brought them to Culpeper for Friday night and Saturday (they met us at the viewing and kept them through Saturday).  We met up with Mom and Dad on Saturday and spent the night in Culpeper.

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers--especially Mrs. Berry.  Mr. and Mrs. Berry had an amazing marriage and relationship.  They were true soul mates...and she is lost without him.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.
This is the Berry Family pre-Scot: Bernard and Patricia Berry, Bernie, JJ, and Johnny
Mr. Berry LOVED fishing.  Here's a pic with him and Scot
Another fishing picture with Scot
Mr. Berry also loved his children and grandchildren...and BABIES.  Here he is holding James.

This was our first Christmas together--Christmas 2003.  I think Mr. Berry approved of me and Scot.  :-)
Here is our wedding--me and Scot with Mr. and Mrs. Berry
Mr. Berry was Scot's Best Man <3

Mr. Berry organized Mrs. Berry's surprise birthday party in December 2003.  Look how happy he is!!!!

Pop Pop and Timmy in '06

Pop Pop, James, and Timmy

Christmas 2010

Easter 2010 The Berry's and their grandchildren

Mr. Berry with Brendan--Kelli and Bernie's first baby.

March 2010--Julia's birthday party

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the Word of the Day is: VOMIT!

Yesterday morning, Josh woke up with a cough and a runny nose.  He acted like himself, so I didn't think much of it--really just thinking it was a cold that would pass.  Well, last night, after his bath, he was still acting normal, but he threw up all over the couch.  Scot was downstairs with Tim and Josh while I was putting Daniel down.  That quickly changed because Scot had to work, so I put Daniel in the swing and took Josh upstairs where he threw up again (this time in a bowl).

Of course, this had to happen after he ate a HUGE dinner....right?!  Not like there's any "good time" for vomiting, but right after a big meal--that has to be the worst.

With Scot having to work, I was so worried that I would need to be in two places at once--feeding Daniel while holding Josh's head over the toilet.  Luckily, that didn't happen, but Josh was awake for a good hour and a half begging for something to drink.  I slowly gave him some soda and he held that down all night.  This morning, he woke up bright and bushy tailed!  He continued to pour SEVERAL bowls of Lucky Charms in which he only ate the marshmellows.  He no longer has a fever, but still has a runny nose...poor guy.  Now, I just hope/pray that Tim, Daniel, Scot, and I steer clear of this nasty bug!

Another thing:  Kids always get sick right after a big, family event....we just had my adorable nephew, Brendan's 1st birthday party.  I'm so worried that Josh will have passed the bug on to Brendan or one of the other guests.  :-(
Here is Grandmom (my Mother-in-Law), Kelli (my Sister-in-Law), me, and Daniel

I try to start dinners in the middle of the day (using the crockpot) to make my life easier in the evening hours.  For today, I bought some pork tenderloins and browned them on all sides.  While they were browning, I put some BBQ sauce and water in a crock pot.  Then, I added the browned tenderloins and turned the crock pot on Low!  Come 5/6 p.m., our pulled pork BBQ sammys will be ready!  YUM!

Pork Tenderloins


Brown in Pan

Add to Crock Pot!

Needless to say, Josh didn't attend school today.  So...we've been working on our own September Pre School projects.

We did the Five Senses, how to stay healthy--lots of coloring and pasting

I would Say Josh is just about back to normal :-)

And,'s Daniel!  I even caught him mid-roll!