Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh, Kids....

Timmy is such a neat kid.  Ever since he was 2, he's been very interested in cooking and baking.  I will never forget the Christmas where he and I went to Nana and Pee Paw's to make Christmas Cookies.  Timmy was so excited to throw the flour and he was CRAZY with a cookie cutter.  Nana (my mom) just laughed and laughed.  He's the child she never had as Pam and I could have cared less about MAKING the food...we just wanted to EAT it ( least I did....which is probably why I was the hefty kid and Pammy was the bean pole).

A couple of weeks ago, Nana and Pee Paw ventured to Frederick from Culpeper.  I love every moment I get to spend with them--I don't get to see them enough!  The boys love seeing their grandparents as well.  Nana and I stopped in at Joanne Fabrics (her FAVORITE store) and I happened to pick up a Haunted Gingerbread House.  Well, as soon as we got home, the boys (and Nana!) wanted to delve right in.  Here's what the final project looked like.
Nana is MUCH more artistic than I am--she did the roof and I tried my best at the windows and doors.  The boys meticulously placed each and every candy piece.  :-)
 To end on a Timmy note...

This weekend, we spent some time with the Berry family.  We got to see cousins Julia, James, and Brendan along with Aunts, Uncles, Grandmom, and even Great Aunt Jackie.  I had the pleasure of sitting at the kid table when we all went out to eat (Aunt Jackie's treat--THANK YOU, AUNT JACKIE!).  Timmy was having a nice conversation with James and Julia.  He asked them what their favorite numbers were.  Julia replied "3."  I can't remember James' favorite number.  But, in overhearing this, I asked Timmy, "What's your favorite number, Tim?"  He replied, "Forty Seven Thousand."  LOL!!!!!

Besides being a comedian without realizing it, Tim is a GREAT older brother!  <3

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