Friday, November 11, 2011


I couldn't think of a better title to describe the way things have been in the Berry Household.  It's been busy, the boys have been sick, so it's been "UGH."

We went to Culpeper this past weekend (a week ago today) where Timmy decided to get sick.  He had been coughing all week, but the coughing escalated to the point where he vomited.  Josh proceeded to catch the yucky cold and we got home on Sunday.  Daniel proceeded to catch it as well.  So, this week has been filled with the doctor, caring for sick boys, and basically trying to keep my head above water.

At one point, Tim and Josh enjoyed a play session outside.  I caught Josh trying to pee in his club house and promptly told him he couldn't do that, but he was more than welcome to pee on the grass.  He proceeded to pee on the grass.  A few minutes later, Timmy comes running in exclaiming, "JOSH POOPED OUTSIDE!"  Sure enough, Josh had popped a squat and pooped right next to our shed.  OY VEY.

Here's a picture of Josh courtesy of Josh.  Sorry for the yucky runny nose...but what can I do?  It's going around our house!

My mom found this beautiful sewing machine for $35 and picked it up for me since I had recently started showing interest in learning how to sew.  Mom taught me the basics as a child, but I didn't appreciate it, nor did I care at the time.  I've changed my way and have enjoyed getting to know my new machine.  Her name is Betty and I love her.  :-)  I oiled her yesterday and so far, she's been quite good to me. I love thee...
My first project:  a pin cushion.  FAIL: turning corners.  Oh well, you live and you learn right?

My second project:  A pillowcase.  FAIL: I measured wrong, so it doesn't fit the pillow.  It's okay because I'm going to use stuffing, so it's still usable and sewn well.  :-)

Third Project:  A TOTE Bag!  I'm sooooo excited about this Tote!  I took my time and it's actually not bad!!!  :-)

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