Friday, November 11, 2011

October:  Halloween and Such

I was so excited about Betty that I failed to mention any of the awesome things that took place in October.  First, my birthday was the 28th and it was quite an amazing day.  I had been chosen to complete a survey at Bloom for a $100 gift card.  All I had to do was answer some questions about babyfood.  I was excited because $100 at Bloom is like free groceries for a week.  Anyway, I got a call about an hour before my survey and they had to cancel on me because of the snow coming in, but they were still going to give me the gift card.  SCORE!!!!!  Later that week, I got a package from Fex Ex and there was no gift card, but $100 CASH!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

Second, my Mother-in-Law got me beautiful flowers and my Sister-in-Law and Brother-in-Law got me an adorable Edible Creations.  YUM!

Then, I got an email from a 31 Gifts consultant saying, "The first person that emails me back and tells me what they're thankful for will get a FREE Holiday Large Utility Tote."  I thought, "What the heck?" and I emailed her and I was the one that WON the FREE tote!  WHOOO HOOO!!!!

The boys had a great Hallowween--Tim was Rayuga (a Beyblede guy--a HUGE thing for boys age 5-15).  Josh was Buzz Lightyear and Daniel was the traditional pumpkin.  By traditional, I mean this has been a family tradition since 1984.  He wore the pumpkin costume my mom made for Pam.  Other neighborhood kids had worn it as well and Timmy and Josh were both pumpkins for their first Halloween.  :-)

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