Thursday, August 30, 2012

TJ High School--Tour of the Music Department

 I want to share with you a little tour of the TJ High School Music wing.  Enjoy!!!!!
My home: The Choral Room :-)

This is one of our hallway practice rooms
Piano room with about 5 pianos.

This is another hallway practice room that is used as a recording studio for our Music Technology kids.
This is our band uniform room.  LOTS of storage!!!!
This is our Piano Lab.  We have over 20 pianos in this room.
This is a sound proof practice room located in the Piano Lab.

Music Library--houses all the music for Band, Chorus, and Orchestra

Music Technology Lab.  this Lab houses 20 Pianos and 20 Computers loaded with Finale.  :-)

There is also a band room, office, and another classroom where Music Theory is taught.  I still need to take pictures of our auditorium.  :-)

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