Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes!!!

Those of you who have been following me for quite some time will easily remember last summers trip to the dentist and doctor.  For those of you who can't remember or have no clue, read "The Worst Day Ever."

Well, as if I didn't learn my lesson last year.....  Ha!  I really did, but alas, I had already made the boys their dental appointments and the doctors appointments HAD to be squeezed in.  When I called the pediatrician, they only had September available.  Yes--I called in MAY and they were making appointments for SEPTEMBER.  Luckily, the receptionist was extremely nice and she was able to squeeze in three separate appointments for the boys.  Timmy's appointment was today after all three boys had their dental appointments.

Last year, I made the same schedule (minus Danny since he was only 2).  Danny had a poopsposion at the Dentist office that was quite embarrassing (read above blog post) and the doctors were giving me a hard time saying that Danny should be seen by a Dentist (when all along with me and my two other children....3 was the recommended age).  I was irritated about that and then Danny's poopsplosion put me over the edge.

Well, today was COMPLETELY different.  First, Danny was very interested in what was going on--he got to watch Timmy and Josh both get their teeth cleaned.  Danny wanted to be just like his big brothers and he couldn't wait for his turn in the chair!  The hygenist said that Danny was the best patient of the day!!!
All three of the boys have nice, clean teeth and NO cavities (YES--DOCTORS.....YOU HEARD ME RIGHT.  DID DANNY NEED TO BE SEEN BEFORE HE WAS 3??   NO!).
After the dentist, we were off to the doctor for Timmy's 9 year old well child visit.  Tim is as healthy as a horse--falling in the 75th percentile for weight and height as he always has.  He also has 20/20 vision and his hearing is perfect (so next time he doesn't hear me when I ask him to clean his room, I know that he just wasn't paying attention!).
That brings me to the title of this blog post.....what a difference a year makes!  While I love babies and I would have a million of them if I could, it is SO MUCH EASIER with a 9, 6, and 3 year old.  I am getting excited thinking about Danny being fully potty trained and all the fun excursions we can go on.  It's like a load off my chest!  Last year, I was chasing Danny around the dentist office and this year, he was sitting watching his brothers get their teeth cleaned.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES!  I am going to relish in this wonderful moment!!!!
Look at my BIG boy!!!!

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