Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Craziest. Day. Ever.

What mom schedules TWO well child checkups at 8:20 followed by TWO dentist appointments at 9:30?  THIS MOM!  What am I--crazy?  YUP.

So, today started off with the Berry boys headed for an adventure to the doctor and dentist.  The doctor appointments were for Tim's 8 year check up and Danny's 2 year check up.  While both are doing fine, growing well, and developmentally great, Danny was getting very antsy.  The office was very hot, so I was sweating like a crazy person.  Then, I couldn't remember if we had well water or city water.....and I couldn't remember if Danny had his one year blood work done.  (BEST.  MOM.  EVER.).  Anyway, turns out we have CITY water, which means we have fluoride and don't need fluoride supplements.  And according to the doctor, Danny never did have his 1 year blood work done, so I guess I'll be taking care of that later this week.  Again--BEST.  MOM.  EVER.

So, we finish up at the doctors and head to the dentists.  Tim and Josh both have cavities that need to be filled.  The visit starts off well--both boys were complete troopers.  Danny decided to let out his inner demon (honestly--the kid could put a 35 year old opera singer to shame).  They had to close the door because Danny was being so loud (and at this point, I'm super embarrassed).

Both boys finish up and we have to wait to be called to check out.  Tick. Tock.  Tick.  Tock.  Yup--we finish up at 10:20 and it's 10:45.  We should have been checked out by now.  Danny decides to poop.  Great.  He comes to sit down next to me and OH.  MY.  GOSH.  There is a LOG hanging out of his diaper!!!!  There is now POOP on the chair!  This frazzled, embarrassed mom just became completely mortified.  I had to ask the office staff if there was something I could use to clean up the poop.  They said they'd clean it up, but I did say that I didn't mind.  I asked for a bathroom key and proceed to swing Danny over my arm, grab a diaper, and head for the bathroom.  I get in the bathroom, strip him down--there's poop all over his clothes (yuck).  I have to use the trash can that's used for paper towels that people dry their hands with because I have no other options.  I'm literally bathing him with paper towels to clean up his mess. In this smelly, yucky process, someone walks in.  I apologize.  I keep cleaning him up.  Finally, he's clean and I put on his diaper and shoes.

Who doesn't bring a change of clothes for her 2 year old?  THIS MOM!  So....Danny goes back in the waiting room with his diaper and shoes on.  We get lots of stares.  I'm mortified.  I apologize profusely for the poop explosion, but that doesn't make me feel less mortified.  Finally, it's 11:00.  They apologize to us for misplacing our files (after Timmy had been called back TWICE more even though he'd already been seen), they gave the boys another popsickle, and we went on our merry way.

Phew.  I am so blessed to have three, beautiful, healthy boys.....but I really hope I don't have another day like today any day soon (that's a lot of days).

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