Monday, January 7, 2013

Eat Clean Challenge: Day 1

It's no secret that I've had difficulty (lack of control) in losing weight after giving birth to Danny.  I suppose it's a mixture of the lack of sleep, change in schedule (being a stay-at-home mom for a year), and just plain laziness.  I was excited when a friend of mine posted a 30 day challenge--to eat cleanly with the help of Arbonne products.  I had already purchased the protein powder and fiber boost and have plenty of it.  I decided to try the fizzys (they're a great, natural alternative to soda), detox tea, 7 day detox, detox bath soak, and the metabolism boost.  After Christmas, I made it a point to hop on the elliptical for 25 minutes a day.  That kind of went south last week when I jumped back into work and had All County rehearsal among other crazy things.  I had a great weekend, though and managed to get back on board.  Now, here's hoping I can keep it up and lose 20 pounds!!!

With that being said, I had an egg white veggie sandwich for breakfast and a large diet coke (I know, but I have to have a treat somewhere).

To hold off the hunger and soda cravings, I had 2 fizzy sticks.

Lunch included a chocolate protein shake.

And for dinner, I'm making a lovely vegetable soup including many colors of the rainbow:  Yellow-Onion, Green-Cabbage, Orange-Carrot, Red-Bell Pepper.  Okay, I'm missing blue and purple.  Sue me.

I'm a firm believer that the more colorful the meal is, the better it is for you.
 That's what I say and that's what I'll stick to!

Day 1:  Success so far!  I still have to get on the elliptical.  I just hope I can keep my energy up to do so!!!!!

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