Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mama Berry

We had our first ACA (Academy of Communications and Art) Showcase that featured our advanced artists, musicians, and theater students on Tuesday, October 23.  We opened our gallery at 6:30 and the concert started at 7.  It was a great experience and I am so proud to be a part of the AMS (Advanced Music Studies Program) at TJ High School and with FCPS.

Here's a clip of a song we sang for the showcase.  It's called "Famine Song" sung by the group VIDA.  This was about a week or two after we started working on it.

Speaking of FCPS....there are SO MANY differences between Frederick County and Montgomery County.  Here are a couple of lessons I've learned along the way:
#1: Festival does not exist.  FCPS calls it "ADJUDICATION"....and they're the only county that does....  (weird)
 #2: It is NOT the is "Inner-County Courier Mail"  WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO FANCY?!?!

 My students decided that I (Momma Berry) could be described by various berries.  Each berry represents a different mood.  Mood#1: Black Berry--this is "back to my roots" (hence, my ghetto side).  Today, we bought the kids breakfast since it was the day after the concert and I was reciting some Snoop Dogg song and one of my students said, "You're being a black berry!"  :-)  Mood#2: blueberry--this is my sullen mood (although I don't think I'm ever sullen).  Mood #3: Cranberry--this is my sassy mood.  I'm sassy most of the time.  Mood#4: Strawberry--this is my "momma-like" mood.  I'm probably like this most of the time because of my maternal instinct.  :-)  Mood#4: Dingle-berry--this is for when I'm in a bad mood (I don't think I have been....)

A picture of me at DHS--clearly a Black Berry here

 I can't tell you how much Tim enjoys his Young Rembrandt class.  This is his latest project:  A Spider.  :-)

Finally, I've been looking at pictures of us and pictures of our boys.  Who do the boys look like?

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