Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow--these last couple of months have been crazy.  Let's if things weren't difficult enough with three little ones, we adopted a puppy (Rusty).  He's more work than an infant (no joke), although he's a nice addition to the family and he's finally starting to get the whole "I'm supposed to poop outside" thing.
We had a great Valentine's Day Dinner.  I went for a Surf n' Turf inspired meal.  We had filet mingon and shrimp along with chocolate covered strawberries and bananas for dinner.  It was delish!

Josh and Danny took their first session of swim lessons at the YMCA.  Both LOVED it!  Dan and I are in a "Mommy and Me" class, but Josh is on his own!  This photo was taken at the next to last class where they got to ride in a boat!

I picked up another hobby--crochet.  I'm enjoying it and decided to challege myself with a Mystery Afghan Challenge--a Crochet Along.  Basically, they give you a clue every week, you complete the clue and eventually you piece the clues together to make an afghan.  Right now, we have no idea what it will look like.  The website had us pick out colors--a Main Color, colors A, B, and C are supposed to go well together, and color D is supposed to be a contrasting color.  I'm REALLY enjoying this--and it's led me to meet other crocheting women in the Frederick area!!!
I really started crocheting because I always wanted a ninja baby....
Speaking of babies.....Daniel is getting so big.  He's crawling, going from laying down to sitting up, and he now has two teeth on the bottom and almost 4 up top!!!  I can't believe my baby is growing up!

With teething comes grumpiness
Danny's swim lessons have made him master of the bathtub. He's like a little froggy!
Teeth=Not happy

Finally, Danny is so much bigger than Josh, it's laughable.  Tim was a big baby, too....but we didn't have these PJs.  Note Danny--below and to the left in the Sponge Bob PJs.  Notice Josh--to the right in the same PJs.  Danny is not quite 9 months in the picture and Josh is 22 months in his picture!!!!  It's so funny how they can be so different!  <3

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