Sunday, March 24, 2013


Joshua is quite possibly the funniest 4 year old I know.  The other day, he and I were having a conversation in the bathroom and he was doing the "pee-pee" dance.  I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom, and he replied, "no."  He quickly changed his mind and asked if he could use our bathroom--"of course", I said!  He proceeded to pee, but had two pretty big sneezes (and of course, a boy standing up who sneezes doesn't quite have control over the stream of urine).  He then exclaims, "the bleshooo's made the poop come out of me!" and he had to turn around real fast to poop in the potty.  Ah........Joshisms.  Gotta love 'em.

So--a quick update with a disclaimer:

Don't ever assume my blog is about you.  I'm not stupid enough to write my blog about a specific person I am friends with on facebook and then SHARE it on facebook.  

Update #1:  I learned quickly with Berry Boy #2 that each baby/child is different.  Danny has no fear.  He will RUN away from me and laughs because he thinks it's funny.  I finally broke down and got a child harness/leash.  It's a safety issue.  I honestly could care less about the looks/stares I get--if it means my child is safe and can NOT run away from me, so be it.  

Update #2:  Danny is continuing to have night terrors and is up 2-3 times a night.  If anything, I feel so bad for what I put my parents through the first 12 years of my life.  Our bed has become the communal family spot (don't judge--it is what it is).  We're hoping and praying that Danny becomes a better sleeper, but for now....we have to do what works for us.  And yes, that is also Josh in the picture.  :-/  
Update #3:  I can't believe that Timmy will be 8 and Daniel will be 2 on May 26th.  It seems like just yesterday Tim was born.  Every once in a while, I'll come across an old picture of Tim and can't believe how much Danny looks like him.  With that being said, Danny makes the same goofy faces I do!

I hope that all of you are doing well.  We have been blessed with love and support from friends and family as we continue to struggle with making ends meet.  God is good and Scot should be starting his new job soon.  Please know that all the notes and prayers have not gone unnoticed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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